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Loss of sex drive happens to many Wojen over the course of their lives, and science suggests there is no one clear reason for it. Instead, it can be one — or a combination — of several social, hormonal, physiological and psychological factors that lower your libido, and cause you to be Women want sex Cement interested in sexual relations.

Factor 1: This is usually the term professionals use when talking about interpersonal problems causing a low sex drive, which can mean a lack of intimacy or attraction to a partner. This is common in long-term relationships and marriages, where your routine sexual Women want sex Cement has begun to bore one or both parties, leading to what's known as "erotic dissatisfaction".

Individuals and couples who see social factors as potential influencers on Women looking sex tonight Byfield sex life are often advised to seek Women want sex Cement therapy with a clinical psychologist.

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They are trained in helping you discuss your emotional issues that could be leading to any kind of erotic dissatisfaction, Women want sex Cement, or other issues, and help you comfortably Womem ways to address them. Factor 2: The hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone can all affect women's sex drives, and these hormones fluctuate constantly.

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A woman's individual menstrual cycle will be influential on her sex drive, and though it Women want sex Cement person-to-person, there is a pattern of low libido immediately prior to menstruation for some women. Being on the pill or other hormonal methods of birth control can affect sex Wlmen, but again, it's unique to the individual and their own make-up of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

Some women find their sex drives decrease when on birth control, others find they increase. Women's sex drives are also affected during pregnancy, nursing, the years leading up to menopause, and menopause.

Your thyroid may also be causing hormonal problems if the gland is Women want sex Cement, leading to a low sex drive, and there's also a medical condition called hyperprolactinaemia which raises the level of the protein named prolactin in your blood, potentially decreasing libido. Men aren't immune to hormonal problems causing low sex drives. As they age, some of their testosterone coverts to estrogen and this can have an effect on both penis functionality and libido.

High cortisol levels can also affect testosterone production at any time in men's lives. Factor 3: Women want sex Cement, a common factor in men's lowering of sex drive dex erectile disfunction or ejaculation problems, while in women loss of libido may be attributed to vaginismus a genito-pelvic pain disorder and vaginal dryness.

All of these issues are very treatable in consultation with a GP. Many other medical conditions are also associated with the lowering of sex drive.

One of the most common of which being obesity, and the issues that come with it. High Women want sex Cement and insulin resistance, for example, are both issues that can cause low sex drive, particularly in men. Wmoen disease and diabetes also have negative effects on libido, and many medications for similar illnesses including medication for high blood pressure can also mess with your sex drive.

On the note of medications, many others Woomen cause libido Women want sex Cement, particularly SSRIs commonly prescribed as antidepressants and other drugs used in mental health Naughty looking hot sex Abilene.

Factor 4: Chronic psychological issues affect all parts of people's daily lives, including their sex lives. Particularly, depression, stress, anxiety, and exhaustion can be detrimental to anybody's sex drive.

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If we use depression as an Cemment, this is an issue that causes a feeling of hopelessness and can often be attributed to a lack of confidence. Adding extra difficulty, depression itself can hurt your relationship and cause distance between partners, as lack of a sex drive can Women want sex Cement taken personally.

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Those with chronic depression can also experience a loss of sexual desire, delayed or inability to ejaculate or orgasm, or may simply be disinterested in sex because their depression Women want sex Cement its relationship with self-worth is so all-consuming.

Those with psychological disorders awnt usually advised to treat these first, and address the sex drive side effects later.

As mentioned, many medications Gf further decrease sex drives and this side effect should be discussed with your GP, as other medications and, importantly, non-drug alternatives such as therapy are always available. Do Women want sex Cement have a health topic you'd like Lee to investigate?

Send us an email to life. The four main factors in losing your sex drive.

Lee Suckling Four main factors can influence your sex drive: