Best Philips Beard Trimmers In 2018 :- Our Top 5 Picks

The brand name is more than enough to prove the quality of its beauty related products. Philips is famous for many productions especially when it comes to electronics they give their best. We bring forth to you the best pick of Philips Beard Trimmers of this year 2018. We hope by the end of this review you will have a clear idea about these best Philips trimmers.

Planning to find the right trimmer that will give you the best result? The Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro is one of the greatest products in the Norelco series that enables every man to achieve the style they want with ease of use. It gives you the power of a professional groomer without the ridiculous price tag you'd expect.

Features include:

Foil shaver that's made with hypoallergenic foil for a smoother shave below the neck and patented rounded tips to help protect your skin.

Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro

This Full-Sized metal guard trimmer can create professionally designed stubbles or clean lines around your beard.

10-length-setting body comb and trimmer to trim and maintain body hair.

18-length-setting comb for hair clipping that helps creates the exact hairstyle you want.

Mini-foil shaving capability for a close finish around the edges that looks clean and polished.

18-length-setting mustache and beard comb that allows you to trim at any length you prefer, providing versatility in personalizing your look.

21mm Precision trimmer to handle taking care of small areas, fine lines and details according to your style.

Tubenose, eyebrow, and ear hair trimmer to feel unwanted hairs painlessly and quickly.

Additionally, it utilizes Tube Shave Technology that ensures there will be no pulling of hair and to prevent cuts and nicks on your skin. It is also equipped with an angled head that allows for better control and reaches for crafting styles with ease.


  • Head to toe trimming includes 9 attachments
  • Maximum of 18 length adjustments


  • Few complaints regarding the battery capacity were found

The bottom line:

The Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro has a quick charging battery that has a voltage input of 120 to 220V. With a 60 minute charge, the Ni-Mh battery can power the grooming tool for about 50 minutes. It also has a 5-minute Quick Charge option, which can provide a quick 5 minutes of trimming if you're running out of time.

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2. Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer Pro(QT4022/41) Review

Philips Norelco is well known for providing men with quality products to get the perfect shave they desire. One of the most precise, all-around best trimmer that they offer is the QT4022/41 Stubble Trimmer Pro. It showcases many features that set it apart from the rest.


This trimmer provides accurate results every time. Adjustable length setting in 1 millimeter increments up to 10 millimeters that lock into place for creating and maintaining a broad range of styles.

Philips Norelco QT4022-41 Stubble Trimmer

It takes around 10 hours to charge the NiMH battery fully. Lasts up to one hour on a full charge, so you'll never get tangled up in annoying wires or cables.

Flexible guide comb makes it easy for users to get a close shave each time without nicking the skin.

Comes included with a wall outlet charger and a cleaning brush used to keep hair and debris away while not in use.

The diamond-like carbon blade sharpens itself as you use it.

This trimmer comes in an attractive red color with a sleek design.


  • Cool, sleek design but not suitable for all kinds of beards.
  • Excellent for getting a stubble look


  • Takes time to learn how to use
  • It does not come with attachments for longer lengths

The bottom line:

Although it's designed to give excellent results, we feel that it lacks in overall design. There appear to be several issues with the functionality of the length adjustment that holds users back. It suggested that you try another make or model if you're looking for best results.

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Some men seek a trimmer that is not only capable of trimming your facial hair but also capable of cutting any hair on their body. If you're one of these men, the Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom Pro may be a right choice for you. It's an excellent, all around electric trimmer/clipper that can precisely cut any hair in any style with ease. Many are impressed by what it has to offer.


All of the materials used to make the Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom Pro are hypo-allergenic which helps to prevent any outbreaks of rashes or skin sores that make for irritating results.

Philips Norelco BG2040-34

Head of the unit is designed to pivot with the contour of your body or face. This makes for a close, comfortable shave that conforms to different slopes and angles that can be somewhat difficult to deal with other models.

LED Battery indicator tells you if the battery is full or if it's small and needs to be charged up before use.

Built with rounded blades to prevent your skin from being nicked or scratched.

Five different length settings to make for a precise cut each time to an exact length that you desire.


  • Water resistant 
  • Dual sided for trimming and shaving


  • Some rare cases of not holding a long enough charge

The bottom line:

The Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom Pro seems to be a good combination of all of the Philips trimmers into one. It has outstanding features that shine above other makes and models, and overall I'd say it is a good choice.

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Finding an efficient trimmer can be challenging, mainly because it is hard to find one that has the right balance regarding form and functionality. The Philips Norelco QG3330 Multigroom beard trimmer is an affordable and multipurpose groomer for the man on the go.

For those looking for an easy-to-use tool to achieve a clean overall look, this trimmer may be for you. It’s a personal trimmer that can be used for the beard, nose, eyebrows, sideburns and more. Plus, it's very affordable and is powerful enough to trim facial hair.


Not only is it ideal for trimming your beard, but you also get a beard and mustache comb, eyebrow trimmer, and a nose, a precision trimmer, ear and a stubble comb.

Five attachments for beard, stubble, mustache, nose, and ears.

Has self-sharpening Chromium blades that require no oil or maintenance for longer lasting use.

The attachments have a long range of length adjustments so you may trim your hair to the length of your choice.


  • Light and easy to operate
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean


  • Does not provide deep cuts but best for beard
  • There is no accompanying bag for the attachments

The bottom line:

If you need a simple yet powerful trimmer that can provide an overall neat look, the Philips Norelco QG3330 Multigroom may be the one for you. It has five attachments that can take you from grizzly to grooming in no time. It is effortless to clean and maintain, something that every man looks for in a groomer.

This trimmer is water resistant, which makes cleaning easy. The Philips Norelco QG3330 Multi groom's trimmer blades are made with finely ground self-sharpening Chromium blades that do not require any maintenance. It’s not top-of-the-line, but it’s acceptable enough for a quick trim in-between visits to the barber.

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5. Philips Norelco Qg3280/41 Multigroom Pro Review

Why purchase a groomer that can only do one type of grooming? Men that are seeking the ultimate convenience in grooming should choose a groomer that can shave, trim the beard and other body hair – and even complete grooming tasks like cutting the nose and ear hair.

The Philips Norelco Qg3280/41 Multigroom Pro is a groomer that does all of this and more. With features like the ability for the groomer to keep its charge, it has never been easier to groom on the go without the worry of running out of power while using the trimmer.

Philips Norelco Qg3280/41


Waterproof to make for easy use while in the shower as well as providing an easy way to clean the trimmer.

Waterproof to make for easy use while in the shower as well as providing an easy way to clean the trimmer.

It includes the nose, eyebrow and ear trimmer through the accessories.

Lithium Ion battery powered to reduce the time needed to charge the trimmer.

This traditional trimmer is a top choice for men that are seeking an all-in-one trimmer that can be used under the shower and even out of it.

It's extremely versatile making it an excellent choice for people on the go that are seeking a multi-use and easy to use the trimmer.


  • Water resistant
  • Quick charge
  • Washable


  • Few complaints found regarding the attachments of this product

The bottom line: 

Learning to use the trimmer is simple, as there are five different tips included to change the length of the beard or other hair being trimmed, or settings that are designed to cut the nose, ear and eyebrow hair. Available at leading retailers, the Norelco trimmer is a wallet-friendly choice from the quality Philips brand to create a quality trim for hundreds of the next trims.

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The conclusion:

Phillips is known for creating some excellent products. They have been around for decades producing quality products all its customers. All the Best beard trimmers that you came across has proved its excellence in trimming as well as shaving. There is no much explanation or guarantee needed for this brand. The final choice is yours.

Best Philips Beard Trimmers
  • Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro
  • Philips Norelco Stubble Trimmer Pro(QT4022/41)
  • Philips Norelco BG2040/34 BodyGroom Pro
  • Philips Norelco QG3330 Multigroom
  • Philips Norelco Qg3280/41 Multigroom Pro
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