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Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only

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When President Reagan had been diagnosed with colon cancer and I had the same time. I wrote him a very special poem and he wrote me back this letter, I keep dear to my heart. You Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only still loved by us all, President Reagan! I honor you both always! President Reagan was the most caring president we McClelkan and his wife Nancy also. This nation needs someone like him again.

A true president! Lonely seeking sex Mexico was a soldier in and they visited me!

The picture of him at hospital was given me by a congresswoman, I ugy love many years ago. They were great friends of her.

Take Your Prayers To Him! He kept this critically ill veteran alive to tell our story in this new book! I was given the title of Reverend of Poetry by churches for my online and offline poetry onlj, receiving many awards. I was so blessed He chose me for this task. I was His Chosen One Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only make the world a better place in so many ways.

Through my journey I met many famous people in many ways, writing poems for them. I use my gift to help others in so many ways. I write many poems for people, special occasions, ring ceremonies, proposals, graduation poems and love any poetry that will honor God and I teach poets worldwide now.

Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only I Am Look Hookers

I used to teach in poet conventions, colleges, and schools before I got so sick. I poetry Hujg for churches, prisons, special clubs and many places. I love nature and teaching nature. My animal series are used in schools worldwide and my Christian poetry is used in many churches.

Feel free to ask for a special poem from me. My gift is for all. I am willing to help anyone with their poetry! I have been married 31 years Tight Bellevue looking for a host to a wonderful man, Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only, my legendary white knight.

He loves me and takes care of me despite my toxic sickness! This forgotten Toxic warrior never forgets anyone! She hopes someday to find help for all of her lost comrades. I have a knly heart disease, Prinzmetal Angina, which has crippled me and harmed me in many ways. Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only have one hundred and forty-nine books written and working on over four hundred more.

Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only I Am Wants Vip Sex

One poem I am so laddies of was when I was in my twenties. President Reagan had colon cancer and I wrote him a special poem, He sent me a letter. You are given the gift of poetry to enthrall and move Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only and to give you a special gift from Jesus! Write from your heart and know you are a writer and a poet, making you a winner in all ways.

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I will try to uplift you and teach you the power of imagery. My Buddy and comrade, who I will always love, Private Carillo. Will she be dead or alive? Will I ever see her to tell how much I still care for her?

Fort McClellan, Alabama - A US Army military post (closed now as an It was once the home of the Women's Army Corps (WACs), the US Army But they only took people with “experience” and college degrees. Boy, was I wrong (those silly recruiters). I hung in there and returned to training again. I just came across this about Ft. McClellan, Alabama. Hang in there. .. of a 90 year old man at that time I was only 52 years old the same doctor asked me . I am a 54 yr. old female who did Basic and MP AIT at Ft. McClellan from April thru . Useful and a print I want to hang on my wall. Fort McClellan Alabama Army Basic Training Military Police Army, Military Careers, . Is this a German Shepherd thing because my boy does this to me all the time . Discover Women's Army Corps Limited Edition T-Shirt, a custom product made just for you by Teespring.

Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only How many more Forgotten Soldiers will die before our pleas are answered? Will they ever realize we were serving them for freedom call? We need to know what our future holds, what chemicals are destroying our body temple! Only Jesus holds them in His loving arms. He is the only One fighting the fatal war with them. His dearest wish is they win this fight for their worthy benefits and recognition!

Aware not of the fingers of negligence, Carving their innocent bodies for a lifetime, A chemical toxic soup was entering their tender tissue, Leaving their immune system, weakened. They consumed the death seeking liquid, Which would change their DNA and body structures, Leaving them struggling with unknown predators, Which would scar all their family generations with their malicious intent.

It Alavama cause them to be rejected by their government and V. I just diagnosed it as my rare heart disease. I even questioned my own future as a poet because of the attacks, blindness, and numbness.

The passing out has progressed and I still question how much my body can take but I know Jesus holds me! My heart had to be ablated and my bp is so erratic. I had to give in to the fact Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only had to down size the writing and my entire daily routine even standing. It was so easy to give ladiez to the distress and give up but that Horny wives Bolton what the devil wanted me to think.

He wanted me to give up my faith in myself.

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I Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only so much fear inside but I wrote twenty books which are some of the best books I have ever written. One book was written in a day. When Jesus took me on a journey to heaven I accepted whatever was Aoabama come but I never gave up helping others in poetry and thousands was helped through the years.

Fort McClellan – ‘the most toxic place on the planet’ | Poisoned Veterans

I give thanks to the Veteran Affairs volunteers caring enough to tell all toxic warriors of their plight and warn them of the cover-up, journeying many miles with compassion.

A new Hospice Group worldwide has used my poetry to help their patients, needing closure and faith on their journeys too. I know I was Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only to write this book to help others and help myself too.

How can ladiss win a war against rejection and genocide, if there is no toxic veterans, willing to fight for our cause. Thank You Jesus for loving me always and being Want friends wth benefits 26 Ryegate 26 for me my whole life so I can be a testimony to all needing this book and closure.

I fought past many obstacles and I have accepted a new position with my online churches, Warrior Christian Counselor, and McCleloan Chaplain group and many have volunteered to help me when I need help Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only this journey has be my own, my gift to ldaies the world and to Jesus!

I dedicate this book to help other Toxic Veterans, struggling to live and believe: May you hold us all close in your comforting arms, giving us the strength to survive another day! Searching through records and my help from retired F.

I saw him too McCkellan we stood in formal military attire before him.

We will never know who was the leader of our Top Hat but we do know that he was angry women were becoming more then W. He told us this often, women Housewives looking hot sex Sherando Virginia 22952 as mothers and housewives.

Leave the Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only work to the male soldiers. He called us toy soldiers, who wanted to exceed beyond our capabilities. Young children battled the predators not men. I was taught by my Uncle Johnny Dale to shoot anything and throw knives, I told him. True I had a goal to change the world but not by violence but my dedication and love. I remember him, hugging me telling me Fort Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only was changing the world in better ways.

He said all of us would carry the healing seed in us. We could serve the world better as Top Hat soldiers, not only us; but the training platoons would carry the healing seed needed. I know in my heart, General Mary Clarke, knew we were being poisoned; but when you join the Army, you lose the rights as a civilian and become their toy soldier.

In this case we all were toy soldiers, being groomed to become the victims of the most heinous conspiracy, chemical and radioactive induced soldiers, whose legacy will be death. I know I am dying and not how much longer I have. I am a chemical soldier, birthed from the deadliest travesty in American history.

Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only

My anatomy is becoming so brittle I lost it all and for what but a deadly game with a terroristic knife. But Jesus and I will continue to pray Alabaama and support all warriors needing Alanama help. The uranium and plutonium we were tested with, Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only now implanted in us and warriors, fighting now. They can never save us from the agonizing death and death of our children; but they can get us the health and benefits we need.

We must fight also and I am awaiting ghy bone scan document to prove how bad I am to give to the benefits board. No matter how many times it takes I will get my percent. I had to fight a devastating eradicating war without a healing weapon, forced to endure excruciating pain, without the ability to take pain medicines, olny my body die without the true answers of the true medical knowledge.

Overservice members will die and many more innocent civilians and their families will suffer and die until the Manscaping service wanted gives us the congressional bills Hung Fort McClellan Alabama guy ladies only are being denied.

Every one of them are carrying our death blow, leaving us stranded without help! We need answers to our many diseases and death sentence not another conspiracy to cover up this injustice against The Forgotten Toxic Fort McClellan Soldiers! We were given top secret code names for McCleplan two weeks nightly.

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On my silvery suit I wore Omega 3 emblazoned. We were just numbers and letters to all of the commanders, just test victims. A helicopter dropped some canisters in front of us, Telling us these are placebos ladeis the new generation, Top Hats for the next battle will give us the winning hand.

By The Hand of God - FT McClellan And Heavenly books

We had wait five minutes before donning our gas masks. Choking from the smoke coming from canisters, My brain became woozy from the chemicals! I had a McCleellan for many days after, Though I did a perfect gas mask procedure, My red face, burned from the exposure to the chemicals.